I always considered myself healthy and fit. In fact, I have always had an active lifestyle and have been fascinated by how the body functions.
As a teen, I was sports minded and always on the go. In college I studied Kinesiology and worked in the fitness industry. 
I was running, loved to exercise and play sports and I ate well. I was fit. I was healthy.
Entering my 20’s I relied on running and what I assumed was a healthy diet to manage my weight, stress, joint pain and other health concerns. If I was eating well and exercising I thought I was healthy. 

My health journey
may sound familiar…

When I began to start a family I was having fertility issues and was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. I did not know much about the thyroid and its role in my health (such as hormonal, weight gain and mood), but I knew if I could fix my thyroid I would be healthy. 

Frustrated with the lack of information about what caused my thyroid issue and how to “fix it”, I began to investigate a more holistic approach to deal with my health concerns. I began to learn about how stress, aging,
my lifestyle and what I was putting on and in my body was impacting my entire being.

I was not willing to accept that I would have to live with these health issues as part of the “aging process”,
not in my 30s. I was a mother of 3 active children and I wanted to be an active part in their lives. I had my own desires of running marathons and living a long, active and vital life.

That was a turning point for me. I knew that I needed to advocate for my health. I needed to understand what was at the root cause of my issues. I wanted not only to age gracefully but I wanted to live vibrantly. 

My decision to advocate for my health led me to my career in Holistic Health. I studied Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and became an Acupuncturist and opened my clinical practice in Caledon, where I helped others seeking to take control of their health concerns. 

I continued my formal education in holistic health and now reside in Toronto where I am practicing as an Integrative Health Practitioner IHP2, Bio-Energetic Resonance Practitioner and Reflexologist. 

I understand my client’s concerns and frustrations because I have lived through the same or similar experiences. 
It is my clients that continue to drive my passion to advocate for getting to the root cause of their health concerns and not just accepting the “aging process” approach. Whether it's losing weight, food sensitivities, gut and digestive issues, joint pain, stress, or anti-aging protocols, I will be able to help you get to the root causes and imbalances just as I have in my life. 

I have spent over 35 years in Holistic Health, and now in my 60s, I have three adult children and three grandchildren, and I am living the life I deserve; happy, healthy and vital. 

Health is not just the absence of disease. Health is about living a life full of happiness and vitality. That is what I want for you. 

Peace, Health and Happiness, 

But I wasn't  feeling healthy.

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”
- Alexander Den Heijer

The best time to start was yesterday,
The second best time is today.

It is my commitment to serve you with care and compassion to heal and restore your health and quality of life.

I believe: