Through an integrative approach, we discover these root causes of your imbalances and we create your turning point to getting your body back to a state of equilibrium.

When you find the root cause of your health concerns and rebalance the body,
you can achieve the life you so desire and deserve.

The Seven Disciplines of an Integrated Health Practitioner

Integrative health practitioners (IHP) combine Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalism, Functional Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Naturopathy, Bioregulatory Medicine and Eastern Philosophy, to address the root cause of your health concerns allowing the body to rebalance and heal itself.

Every story is unique. That is why it's impossible to achieve your complete wellness goals using a standardized approach. That is the difference you will experience working with me.

Benefits working with me:
● One-on-one approach
● Receive Functional Medicine Labs and supplement recommendations tailored to your unique needs
● Find the underlying root cause preventing you from the life you desire and deserve
● Receive a Personal Wellness Protocol and get help implementing at every step

What is an Integrative  Health Practitioner?


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I believe that everyone, no matter what they suffer from, can and will get better when they find their underlying root cause of health imbalances. 

Our bodies have a unique ability to heal themselves when given the right resources.

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The Integrated Health Practitioner Process

Through Advanced Functional Medicine Labs, I develop personal protocols to address the underlying root cause that is keeping you from living the life you desire and deserve. These protocols and wellness plans are tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. I consider the whole person as we work through our DESTRESS Protocol to bring the body back into balance.

I truly look forward to speaking with you and getting you started to being the best you can be, living a life full of happiness, health and vitality.

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